Our Team

Our Red Leafs Innotax DAC6 core team is supported by an Advisory Board, which consists of external experts working in different business sectors. By doing so, we can ensure that the DAC6 Tracker always reflects sector specific knowledge and is very user-friendly at the same time. In addition, we can rely on an international network of tax experts which gives us the opportunity to quickly solve and answer country specific DAC6 questions.

Red Leafs InnoTax

Unser DAC6 Kernteam von Red Leafs Innotax AG wird von einem Advisory Board mit externen Fachexperten unterstützt. So ist gewährleistet, dass die Richtlinie jeweils branchengerecht und praxisnah umgesetzt wird. Gleichzeitig kann unser Kernteam auf ein internationales Netzwerk von ausgewiesenen Steuerberatern zurückgreifen, um auch länderspezifische Umsetzungsfragen zeitnah und effizient beantworten zu können.

  • The DAC6 Tracker is developed by the professional Red Leafs InnoTax team. Our team consists of Swiss tax experts, German tax advisors and our own developing engineering team.
  • Due to our international set of clients, we have intensively studied the DAC6 directive and its impact on consultants.
  • By looking for a solid software based DAC6 supporting tool, which targets the needs of consultants and other intermediaries in general, none of the existing software solutions on the market met our expectations. Therefore, we decided together with other experts to develop our own supporting tool, the DAC6 Tracker.

Priska Rösli

Certified Tax Expert
Executive MBA HSG

Patrick Scherrer

Certified Tax Expert
M.A. HSG in Law

Thomas Moretti

Certified Business information scientist

Advisory Board

Due to the support of our qualified advisory board, we can ensure that the questions of the DAC6 tracker reflects sector specific information and are very user-friendly at the same time. Due to the ongoing development of the DAC6 Tracker the advisory board supports us with their sector specific knowledge to make sure the DAC6 Tracker is a valuable support for all intermediaries at all time.

International Network

Our international network of tax experts gives us the opportunity  to quickly solve country specific DAC6 questions – if needed also for our clients using the DAC6 Tracker.